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Q: Do you have all the plants listed on your site in stock and in every size?
A: No, we do not. We make every effort to have inventory in stock but these are plants, not widgets from a factory, and there are many factors involved. We grow over 2000 taxa which may be in one stage of production or another. You will be refunded for any purchases which are not available when you order.

Q: What is the minimum order amount for shipping ?
We require a minimum order of $25 before we can process a shipment.

Q: When will you have (insert Ted's latest and greatest) plant ready for shipping?
We will only ship plants that have been tested and are ready for distribution to the public. Stay tuned and we appreciate your patience, it will be worth it!

Q: How do you ship plants?
We ship via UPS on Mondays and Tuesdays of each week to assure that your plants do not sit in a warehouse over the weekend.

Q: How far can you ship to, from your nursery in SC?
A: We can ship to anywhere in the continental US, except in the heat of mid/late-summer.

Q: How much do you charge for shipping?
Live plants vary in size and weight! Shipping costs vary due to postal zones and shipping methods. Our secure shopping cart will provide rates.

Q: What is your guarantee?
A: Please go here to read all about our plant guarantee.

Q: How do I pay for my plants?
A: Use our secure shopping cart.

Q: What about Fire Ants?
We ship plants de-potted and packed with root ball intact unless otherwise requested. USDA requires live plants shipped outside the Fire Ant Zone be chemically treated to prevent the spread of this pest.

All plants shipped outside of the quarantine zone will be treated with Talstar; a synthetic pyrethroid that is very safe towards non-target animals such as birds, reptiles and mammals. Plants are rinsed before shipment, but some residual chemical may be present in the root ball. If you are uncertain about contact with chemicals, use safe handling precautions such as non-latex gloves and avoid direct contact with the root ball.

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Retail Store FAQ

Q: How do we get to the nursery from Aiken or Augusta?
Please take a look here before giving us a call at 803.279.2707

Q: Do you do landscape design and installation.
Yes, we do provide these services through our retail location. Please give us a call at 803.279.2707 and we will let you know. We have many, very happy, customers who we have provided landscape design services for.

Q: If I call you about this really annoying weed or lawn problems, can you help me?
It is much more efficient for us to have you bring a sample of the problem to our retail location. Attempting to diagnose weed issues on the phone is problematic. Come see us and we would be happy to help you with weed problems in your lawn and garden. For lawn weed problems, please call us so that we can describe the proper sample size for you to bring.



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